The St John’s culture

The ethos we strive for is one where students are nurtured in a kind, happy and supported environment. This holds true for all our staff, and we really do endeavour to be an Academy that values its people above all else. We encourage leadership at all levels but recognise that humility and humanity are key elements in making the very best leaders within any organisation. To this end we share our concerns and our vulnerabilities as it enables us all to develop those trusting relationships which are key to the success of St John’s, the staff and its students.
Our ethos allows our values of Independence, Challenge and Resilience to be at the heart of everything we do. Our reputation as a caring academy which sets very high academic standards in a disciplined environment is well known, but we are always striving to improve and ensure our culture is right, enabling all to flourish.

We believe that the quality of our teaching and learning is exceptional and our pastoral support and emphasis on the importance of wellbeing has as much ‘heft’ as the academic curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that our values and ethos are ‘lived’ by all staff and students, so that all can feel happy, supported and fully engaged.

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