Values & Ethos

St John’s has a national reputation for curriculum innovation and academic excellence.

Our curriculum provides high levels of challenge and focuses on the development of independent thinkers and learners.

Our skills-based curriculum fosters a community of inquiry, wherein students welcome the diversity of each other’s initial views and are empowered to take more responsibility for their learning. Over time, questions become deeper and more thoughtful, discussions are disciplined, focused, imaginative. Our students care about what others say but don’t accept easy answers. Our community of inquiry combines critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking and is evident through the ways in which our students: question assumptions; develop opinions with supporting reasons; analyse significant concepts; and apply the best reasoning and judgement they are capable of in relation to the topics and subject being studied.

We are determined to give our students the very best education possible. Preparation for global citizenship, independent thinking, high self-esteem and confidence are all hallmarks of the St John’s student. We want our students to make a difference to the future of the planet and our educational programmes seek to bring this goal to fruition.

Our range of curricular choice not only fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum but it exceeds it.