Travelling to St John’s

Traffic Guidance for St John’s, Marlborough

The geography of St John’s causes some difficulties for getting people safely into and out of the site. There are car parking spaces and a safe coach set-down area for up to four coaches at a time.

Unfortunately, to access both of these requires traversing down a steep gradient then driving through the car-park where staff are parking, unloading bags and hurrying to get to work. There is a clearly sign posted 15mph speed limit, a speed hump and clearly marked pedestrian walkways. Despite these precautions, there have been several near misses over the years caused by excessive speed.

To ensure nothing more serious occurs, we would ask you to co-operate and abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Avoid driving your children to School. There will always be circumstances when this could
    be necessary – medical appointments for example, but otherwise please encourage your children
    to walk or cycle to school, thereby using the pedestrian entrance.
  2. 20 Coaches cover the wider catchment area for St John’s. Please use them. All bus routes drop off and pick up from St John’s – there is no need for any student to walk from, or into, Marlborough High Street to catch buses to and from home.
  3. If you live out of catchment and there are no bus routes available and you therefore have to drive, please try to drop off outside of the School grounds – Waitrose car park at George Lane is the safest suggestion. Please do not use neighbouring Cherry Orchard as your drop off. It is not fair on the residents who live there.
  4. If it is absolutely necessary to drive into the School from Granham Hill, then please follow these instructions:
    • Do not exceed the 15mph speed limit.
    • Try to park in a marked bay in the long carpark for your child to exit your car safely. The
      pavement should then be used to walk up to the school buildings.
    • In the morning and afternoon, there are 20 coaches and buses using the Drop Off Zone in the circular car park – try to avoid this area. Do not drop off students part way down the entrance hill, at the Granham Hill entrance or in the hatched area at the bottom of the hill.
    • There is NO vehicle access beyond the car park. The only exception is by arrangement and is for the drop off/collection of those with disabilities or injuries. Musical instruments, art folders, PE kit or ingredients for cooking do not count as disabilities or injuries. Rain does not count as an extenuating circumstance!

The safety of everyone – students, staff and visitors – at St John’s is absolutely paramount. Failing to follow our guidelines compromises safety, causes congestion and leads to frustration for all concerned.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding for this very important matter.