Parents Evenings


St John’s holds one meeting for each year group every year, usually from 16:00 to 19:00 when parents are invited in to discuss their child’s progress with subject staff and tutors. The dates are published well in advance, and we hope that all parents will try to come as the meetings can help students enormously.

St John’s Marlborough now uses an online parents evening booking service called “Parents Evening System”. By using this online service, parents can choose their own appointment times from any internet connected device. Parents no longer need to rely on their child to make appointments, phone the school or wait to see the teacher.

Download an instruction PDF (The opens in a new tab. To download the file, right-click the link and select your browser’s save as option.)
Go to the parents’ login for Parents Evening System (weblink opens in a new tab).

Year Group Day Date
Year 7 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 22/04/2020
Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening Thursday 26/09/2019
Year 8 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 20/11/2019
Year 8 Parents’ Evening 2* Thursday 02/04/2020
Year 9 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 11/03/2020
Year 9 Options Evening Tuesday 03/03/2020
Year 10 Parents’ Evening – NEW DATE Wednesday 08/01/2020
Year 11 Parents’ Evening 1 Thursday 07/11/2019
Year 11 Parents’ Evening 2* Wednesday 05/02/2020
Year 11 Support Evening Monday 14/10/2019
Year 11 Support Evening 2* Monday 30/03/2020
Year 12 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 29/01/2020
Year 13 Parents’ Evening 1 Monday 21/10/2019
Year 13 Parents’ Evening 2 Thursday 27/02/2020
  • * By Invitation only

Open Evenings

Year Group Day Date
Year 6 Open Evening Thursday 03/10/2019
Sixth Form Open Evening Monday 14/11/2019

NOTE: Parking at St John’s is always at a premium, and particularly pressured on Open and Parents’ Evenings. Parking is only available in the marked bays in the Long and the Circular car parks. Disabled parking is extremely limited and available by contacting the school in advance where a space can then be reserved. There is no overspill parking on the waste ground – parking there risks being caught in soft mud or damaging your vehicle and there is no parking behind the school buildings.  If possible, please share lifts with other families coming to the same event, stagger your timing or park in the public car park off George Lane. St John’s is a 5 minute walk up the hill from this car park.