The curriculum at St John’s is challenging, knowledge based and prides itself on achieving excellence. We focus on nurturing independent students equipping them with the life skills necessary to succeed. Literacy, oracy, numeracy, resilience and organisational skills are vital in preparing students for the wider world of work and further study.

Students will develop a passion for learning through our aspirational, differentiated curriculum and through a wide range of enrichment opportunities. St John’s is a safe environment where we celebrate equality and diversity. Wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle is important, a carefully planned programme is delivered by specialist teachers.
Provision is in place for targeted support for all students through a mentoring programme. Critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking will lead to an appreciation of the world around them and prepare students to be global citizens.

Cultural Capital PDF

The term “Cultural Capital” has been added to Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework. Learn more about Cultural Capital in the “Downloads” drop-down below or by clicking the Cultural Capital image to the right.

The icons under “Curriculum Intent” below link to PDFs for each subject as indicated. (Links to PDFs open in a new tab).

To see the learning journey from year 7 to 11 in each subject click on the Curriculum Mapping drop-down below.  The Curriculum Map PDF shows what the students will be learning.

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Curriculum Aim - Art Art & Design 2021
Curriculum Aim - Biology Biology & Combined Science 2020
Curriculum Aim - Business Studies Business Studies A-level 2021
Curriculum Aim - Chemistry Chemistry 2020
Curriculum Aim - Classical Civilisations Classical Civilisations 2021
Curriculum Aim - Computing Computer Science & ICT 2021
Curriculum Aim - Design & Technology Design & Technology 2020
Curriculum Aim - Drama Drama 2021
Economics 2021
Curriculum Aim - English Language English / English Language 2021
Curriculum Aim - English Literature English Literature 2021
Environmental Science TBA
Curriculum Aim - Forensic Investigations Forensic Investigation 2021
Curriculum Aim - Geography Geography 2021
Curriculum Aim - Health & Social Care Health & Social Care 2021
Curriculum Aim - History History 2021
Hospitality & Catering 2020
Curriculum Aim - Latin Latin 2019
Curriculum Aim - Mathematics Mathematics 2021
Curriculum Aim - Media Digital Media Production 2021
Curriculum Aim - Modern Foreign LanguagesCurriculum Aim - Modern Foreign LanguagesCurriculum Aim - Modern Foreign Languages Modern Foreign Languages 2021
Curriculum Aim - Music Music 2021
Curriculum Aim - Photography Philosophy & Religion 2019
Curriculum Aim - Photography Photography 2021
Curriculum Aim - PE Physical Education 2021
Curriculum Aim - Physics Physics 2020
Curriculum Aim - Politics Politics 2021
Curriculum Aim - Psychology Psychology 2021
Curriculum Aim - Science Science – For KS3 Science and KS4 Combined Science, see Biology above
Curriculum Aim - Sociology Sociology 2021
Curriculum Aim - Sociology Travel & Tourism BTEC Level 3 2020
Curriculum Aim - Sociology Wellbeing 2021 TBA

Note: All links are to PDFs and will open in a new tab. To download the file, right-click and select your browser’s save as option.  PDFs for subjects not shown below will be added as they become available.

Curriculum Overview
Art & Design 2021
Computer Science 2021

Drama 2021
English 2021

French 2021
Geography 2021
German 2021
History 2021
Music 2021
Physical Education 2021
Spanish 2021
Wellbeing 2020

Trips and Visits

The St John’s curriculum is enhanced by a variety of school trips, including many visits to theatres, museums, lectures, to name a few. In addition, a full range of other activities are on offer. In years past we have visited China, Gambia, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, and the USA.

  • Y8 upwards – Skiing Course
  • Y8 upwards – Watersports Course
  • Years 8 -10 – German Exchange in Vahingen an der Enz *
  • Year 9 – Chinese exchange trip
  • Year 9 – French Exchange trip with Limoges *
  • Year 9 upwards – History Field Trip – Year 9 Battlefields
  • Year 9 upwards – Geography Field Trip – Year 10 Lulworth Cove
  • Year 10-13 – Spanish Language Trip
  • Year 11-13 Art Trips to Paris, Barcelona, Rome or New York
  • Year 13 – Biology Field Trip – Pembrokeshire
  • Year 13 – Earth Science trip to Exmoor

* It is highly desirable that all children learning French and German should join in an exchange at least once.

All trips payments are managed through the Link opens in a new tab. ParentPay website (link opens in a new tab).