Key Stage 3

COVID-19 update

All work is being set or signposted (if another platform is being used) through Show My Homework.

If students have any questions about their work they should contact their teacher using Show My Homework or email.

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Throughout KS3 students follow a full, varied curriculum, blending creative, practical and academic subjects. We aim to provide an enriching and stimulating curriculum that gives every student the opportunity to succeed.

In Year 7 students study English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Philosophy & Religion, French, Art, Drama, Music, PE, Wellbeing and Design Technology.

In Maths, English and French, students are grouped into upper and middle groups based on their prior attainment in KS2. We do not have a rigid setting system.

In all other subjects, students study in their mixed attainment tutor groups, except in Design Technology where students are in smaller groups.

In Year 8 the curriculum is broadly the same as Year 7, but all students study a second foreign language (either Spanish or German.) Students study English and Languages in upper and middle groups, but Maths uses a more rigorous setting structure. Once again, in all other subjects, students are assigned to mixed prior attainment groups. These groups are designed to promote the best possible learning for all and are organised at the end of year 7.

In Year 9 the curriculum remains the same, with the introduction of Latin for upper English groups and Classics for middle English groups. Maths keeps its rigorous setting structure and in all other subjects, students are assigned to mixed prior attainment groups. These groups change from those in Year 8. In MFL, students opt to study either French, Spanish or German.


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