Year 9 Choices FAQs

Questions that are frequently asked regarding year 9 choices for KS4 are answered below.


We invite students in the highest maths sets to take an additional qualification in level 2 Further Maths. This qualification stretches the best mathematicians, but it is not an essential qualification to continue with Maths at A-level and beyond.

The deadline for handing in your form will be 19th March.  The form will be sent to you as an electronic form document.

We will tell you and your child the pathway they are on when we issue the next year 9 report on or before 23rd February. We are guided in our pathway recommendations by KS2 scores, CAT scores and achievement during Year 9, but then each student’s pathway is reviewed by teachers to ensure they are on the right pathway for them to succeed.  All students follow the compulsory core GCSE subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science; all students also continue to take Wellbeing & PE/Games, which are not exam subjects.

Combined science would mean you study a bit of Biology, Chemistry and Physics combined and is “The Core”.   If you want to study them as separate subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics then you will need to use one of your option blocks.  Studying Combined Science does not mean you cannot study A Level sciences.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening is on Wed 24th February, two weeks after the Virtual Options Evening, when you will be able to speak to your teachers.  Early in March, you should also receive a call from your tutor to help with your decisions.

No, P&R is an Options subject and, if you are on the Martinsell pathway, you cannot choose it instead of History.

Yes you can choose both, one would have to be from your free choice from all subjects.

Yes Latin does count as a Language choice.

Yes, the KS3 curriculum is balanced and broad but cannot fit every subject in.  All students can study the specialist subjects offered in Years 10 and 11. However, we would want to help you make sure your choice is the right one for you.

Yes you can choose an extra language as one of your option choices.

All the art and design options follow the same deadlines and the courses are all practical meaning students will be under immense pressure at certain points of the year.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all students and part of this is studying a foreign language. We expect as many students as possible to study a language so that they give themselves the best possible chances for future success.

We will do everything we can to try and make the options choices work but if there are any problems, we will contact individuals to discuss alternative choices.

No, students can only take the subjects offered on the pathways.

Every subject is taught by a specialist teacher.

No. Students who choose Separate Sciences will be in the same class for all Science lessons. Students are allocated to classes in the subjects they have chosen independent of pathways so that, for example, a Geography class could contain students from all pathways. There is no link between classes in Maths and in English with any of the options choices.

No, The Btec in Performing Arts is one qualification.  We are offering different units so students can achieve either a qualification in Dance or Acting.

We strongly advise against opting for both GCSE Physical Education and Sports Science Tech Award as this wouldn’t lend itself to a fully rounded/balanced curriculum.  The Physical Education qualification is a more academic and science based subject, though there is, of course, a physical element.   The Sports Science qualification is a more practical based subject with assignments/course work rather than end of year exams.


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