DofE Awards- with a difference

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DofE Awards- with a difference

St John’s Students in Year 9 and above who signed up to participate in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award have had to find new ways to achieve their award, with many of the traditional activities currently barred to them.

St John’s DofE Leader Mrs Lamport has been working hard to support students to find new activities to replace their original plans. She said:

“I am really proud of these students and can’t wait for them to achieve their awards“.

The annual expeditions will be rescheduled for a later date. More on our DofE Pages

The DofE has also produced new guidance, DofE with a Difference, packed with activities and resources. Some of the usual restrictions have also been lifted so that, for example, students can now complete more activities at home.

Parents have been telling us about some of the activities our ingenious students have taken part in, including:

Bertie & Wilf C:

“We converted the pub into a shop after lockdown, selling mostly fresh food, with a takeaway business in the evening.  During this time they have helped in a number of ways.  We have been making up orders which we have been delivering to isolating and shielding members of the community.  We have operated a vegbox scheme delivering a weekly box of fresh fruit and vegetables to local people who would prefer not to go to the shops.  We have also launched a parish foodbank, collecting donations to buy food for struggling families and making up weekly food deliveries for them.  The Boys have also been working two nights a week in the kitchen, learning how to make pizzas, and helping to prepare take away food.  They have been enthusiastic, diligent and helped enormously so that things have run more smoothly during this challenging time, as well as gaining some valuable experience. ”

Sam H:

“Samuel has fostered 3 orphan lambs, which have been his responsibility to look after – bottle feed three times a day, let out into a paddock during the day, shutting up at night, keeping pen cleaned out, fresh food and water daily etc. He has helped to fence two paddocks for them and built a pen for them to sleep in when they were small, so has definitely used a great variety of skills during this time. He has sought advice from a shepherd and learnt a great deal about animal husbandry during this time. I am very impressed with the knowledge he has acquired and his attitude towards rearing these sheep.”

Other student activities incude:

  • Helping to make and distribute PPE
  • Shopping for grandparents and elderly neighbours
  • Coaching netball to a younger sister
  • Building a half pipe with dad in the garden
  • Online cricket umpire course
  • Learning archery in the garden
  • Sit up challenge
  • Cooking/baking
  • Yoga
  • Completing touch typing course
  • Pottery
  • Learning Korean nursery rhymes
  • Helping with farm animals
  • Painting pebbles for the community
  • Teaching younger sibling maths

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