A key focus for everyone at St John’s is to develop a passion and understanding in our students for the environment.
This passion will lead to our students being at the forefront when making positive change in order to make a difference to the future of our planet. We believe in the principles of ethical responsibility towards the world we live in – a set of principles that sit alongside our educational purpose.

  • We aim to make a significant, positive difference to our environmental impact through raising awareness of practical  actions we can take as individuals and as a school
  • We aim to constantly review our sustainability policy to ensure it leads to changes in the daily lives of staff and students in order to help the environment

Currently at St John’s, a group of year 9 and 11 students are planning a wildflower garden by the sixth form block, and hope to begin planting soon.

UN Climate Change Accreditation

The UN, in conjunction with eduCCate Global, wish for all schools worldwide to have tackling Climate Change as a vital part of their vision and curriculum. As part of this they have put together an online course which is free and available for all teachers to become UN accredited Climate Change teachers. The course look at 5 major aspects of Climate Change, including:
Children and Climate Change, Cities and Climate Change, Gender and Climate Change, Human Health and Climate Change, and Climate Change International Legal Regime.

More information can be found through the Weblinks below.

Climate emergency declared

We’re proud to announce that St John’s, along with other Excalibur Academies Trust secondary schools, has declared a Climate Emergency. This is our statement of intent that we will strive to mitigate climate change. In all decisions we make and actions we carry out, consideration of the climate impact will be part of the process.


New recycling bins have been installed in the atrium and in the sixth form corridor where crisp and popcorn packets, plus confectionary packaging including chocolate bar wrappers and plastic sweet packaging, can be collected. The recyclable waste is then passed to Terracycle, who pay Wiltshire Air Ambulance for what they collect. Read more in Latest News

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Weblink to the eduCCate Global website eduCCate Global – Climate Change Teacher Training Academy