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St John’s secure online payment system for uniform, meals, trips and sundries is managed by ParentPay in two separate sites (see Weblinks below). We have been using ParentPay as our preferred method for the payment of trips and other items for many years. With the introduction of cashless catering, ParentPay is now also used to load monies to students’ lunch accounts, allowing them to purchase meals, drinks and snacks from the canteen at break and lunch times, without the need for carrying cash.

More information is available in the FAQs below and on the ParentPay website https://www.parentpay.com or contact Mrs S  Woodburn  (01672) 519567 or by emailing Mrs S Woodburn:


You should receive your personal activation letter containing a username and password for each child to enable you to access your ParentPay accounts, prior to their starting at St John’s. Once you have activated your account you will be able to make online payments immediately. If you have not received an activation letter before your child starts at St John’s please contact Mrs Woodburn.

With parental consent students are biometrically registered so that they can use their thumbs, or fingers to make the payment from their ParentPay account to the Canteen. If parental consent is not given for biometric registration the student is issued with a PIN instead. See our Cashless Catering & Biometrics webpage for more information.

Cashless Catering & Biometrics

ParentPay allows you to see what your child has purchased for lunch and at break times. The site offers a secure and encrypted payment site accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with internet access. You can check the payment history to see all payments whether made online via ParentPay, or by cash and cheque to St John’s.

If you have more than one child at St John’s, have had a ParentPay account at a previous school, or have children with ParentPay accounts elsewhere you are able to link them all together so you have access to all accounts via one login.

If you have more than one child linked to the account, each child has their own page so you do not have long lists to plough through to find the right item for the right child.

Payment for items can be made by adding them to your basket and paying by card as for any other online purchase. This is the preferred method of payment via ParentPay.

Payment can also be made via bank transfer; the transfer happens at the end of the day and is for the total amount spent using this payment method in that day. Bank transfer payments can be rejected, so funds are not guaranteed received until the payment has cleared which can take several days.

Parent Account is a central holding area on your ParentPay account to which funds can be loaded and then allocated to the item(s) that you wish to pay. Loaded funds will need to be allocated to the items for payment by choosing the Parent Account as the payment method when paying for an item, until the money is allocated it will not be visible to St John’s. Loaded funds can sit in your Parent Account until you are ready to spend them.

Parent Account will therefore help with budgeting for the larger trips as funds can be loaded when available and stored until you need to transfer them. No interest is paid on amounts sitting in the Parent Account. All ParentPay refunds are made to the Parent Account from where you can reallocate them or withdraw the funds back to the payment card.

If you do not have a bank account, or access to the internet you can request a PayPoint card. A PayPoint card will allow you to allow you to make cash payments for lunch money at any outlet displaying the PayPoint logo.

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Instructions for using ParentPay

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The Resources Shop has been set up to help reduce the amount of cash and cheques received by St John’s and is where you will be able to purchase various resources without having the need for a St John’s ParentPay account. Items for payment/purchase will increase over time, so keep an eye out to see what appears.

St John’s Uniform Shop
St John’s Resources Shop
ParentPay website to pay for for food, trips or sundries
Cashless Catering & Biometrics webpage
View restaurant tariffs and menus on our Facilities webpage from the “Downloads” section

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