Admissions FAQs

If your grade average is 7 or higher you can take 4 subjects, but we usually recommend choosing 3. Choose the 3 subjects you are most interested in. You will be asked to complete summer work for your chosen subjects. If you are undecided it can be helpful to look at the work for the other subject. We also offer the EPQ which is a great way to study a subject that interests you.

There will be more information on the EPQ at the start of Year 12, in school. You can attend the session and sign up there.

Yes! You can still swap subjects, if there is space on the course and it fits in your timetable, for the first 2 full weeks of term. Remember you will be expected to complete the summer work even if you swap in later.

Yes, you will be invited in for an Induction Day in the summer term. You will be able to take a taster class for the subjects you pick, meet other students and spend some time in Sixth Form. There is also the chance to ask questions and discuss your choices at the Sixth Form Interview in the Spring.

You can buy lunch in the Sixth Form Common Room café or Pod outside, bring in your own food or go into town from Period 4, 12.20. Students can choose to walk to into town or sit in the common room to eat. The Sixth Form corridor also has seating. Year 12 and 13 have different break and lunch times so there is space to sit down.

In the Common Room, you can use your ID badge to pay using money from your Parent Pay account. You can also pay by contactless card from your bank account.

Please talk to Miss Chamberlin-Medd, our Admissions Officer, who will be able to help or put you in touch with the right person. If you are in Year 11 at St John’s you can visit the Sixth Form Office in S302. If you are applying from outside St John’s, please call 01672 519537 or email .