St John’s Art Gallery Term 1 2022/23

Year 12 Art and Design students have spent the first few weeks of their Sixth Form course exploring the work of Dada artists such as Hannah Hoch and Raoul Hausmann. Dada was a movement that began during the first world war and the work produced was a negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. Students have made collages, taken photos and then created some large and small scale work in response to their collages.

Year 12 students in Ms O’Brien & Mrs Spokes class have created lovely paintings from the collages they made at the beginning of the year, also exploring the Dada movement and creating ‘nonsense’ collages.

Year 10 students have made a great start  to their GCSE Art and Photography courses this term.

GCSE Art students are focusing on Natural Structures and have creates monoprints, photographs and drawings working from a variety of natural forms and focusing on the work of Peter Randall Page.

The Photography students have been learning how to take a variety of different photographs based on the Formal Elements (Line, Tone, Colour etc.).

This Year Key Stage 3 students are looking at Art Movements and the History of Art for their homework tasks. Every term each year group are being asked to look at movements in art which relate to artwork they are focusing on in class. Any student who completes a Stretch and Challenge task earns themselves an art badge. There are 16 Art Movement badges to collect for KS3.