St John’s biggest-ever assembly will never be forgotten!

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St John’s biggest-ever assembly will never be forgotten!

Mrs Wilson, Mr Tucker & Mr Whittaker address the school

On the last day of the most unusual school year ever experienced by students and staff at St John’s, we held our first ever whole school assembly. Using Microsoft Teams, all staff and students – a total of almost 2,000 people, were invited to join in a memorable celebration event.

The assembly was led by Principal Mr Tucker, Senior Vice Principal Mr Whittaker and Vice-Principal Mrs Wilson, who appeared on stage in the St John’s theatre as newsreaders. Mr Tucker explained that this assembly was to give everyone a memorable end to a very strange year. He told students:

“As promised this is the last assembly of the year, and what a year it has been for St John’s! We haven’t enjoyed not being able to say goodbye to you properly, and see you in the way we would like to. So far we’ve done everything in a sensible, measured and considered way, sitting totally within the government guidance. But for one morning only, we intend to do things a little bit differently. Before the lockdown restrictions were eased, many people started to look a little bit different. Perhaps strange things happened to their hair or their dress sense. After all, what else other than work clothes do people that work in schools, really have to wear?”

Mr Tucker, Mr Whittaker & Mrs Wilson, dress "more comfortably"The three senior leaders then disappeared and returned, transformed, into their remarkable “lockdown” alter-egos! Mr Tucker then spoke about the school year we’ve experienced, Mr Whittaker read a poem he had prepared, “The School Year with a difference” and Mrs Wilson talked about what we have all learnt during lockdown and how we can take positives from our experiences; appreciating the real value of what other people do for us, evaluating our pace of life, and improving our use of technology.

The Heads of Year then talked about the huge range of achievements from their year groups, and congratulated all the students involved.

Key Stage 3 Heads of Year

Key Stage 4 Heads of Year

Sixth Form Heads - Mr Harrison, Mrs Haig-Williams and Mrs Joyce


  1. Heads of Year: Mrs Hawkins (Head of Y7), Mr Evans (Head of Y8) and Mrs Parry (Head of Y9)
  2. Heads of Year: Mr Ottaway (Dep Head of Y10) and Mr Jefferies (Head of Y11)
  3. Sixth Form Leadership Team: Mrs Haig-Williams (Director of Sixth Form, Mr Harrison (Head of Year 12) and Mrs Joyce (Head of Year 13)

Finally, Mr Tucker returned to the stage, wished everyone a safe summer, and told the students how much we are looking forward to welcoming them back in September. We’re also looking forward to seeing our Year 11 & 13 students on their exam results days in August, for what we hope will be a day of celebration.Mr Tucker

The 2020/21 academic year begins on Wednesday 2nd September with Year 7 in school and Year 12 course registration, Thursday 3rd September 2020 will see Years 7,8 and 12 in school, and the whole school will attend on Friday 4th September.

If we need to change any of our plans over the summer, we will communicate with parents as soon as we are able.

Mr Tucker & friends wish you well, and thank you for putting up with the new normal   Farewell!

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