World Book Day celebrations

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World Book Day celebrations

The week of 2-7 March at St John’s was a week-long celebration of World Book Day. Our amazing librarian Mrs Stokes and her team worked incredibly hard to make it a week to remember.

Mrs Stokes organised the St John’s Book Week

Actress Ruth Wilson was invited to St John’s by her brother, English teacher Matt Wilson

In addition to a daily quiz, a hidden books competition, World Book Day tokens for all Year 7 and 8 students, a Bookbuster competition, a Classic to Comic competition, and a 6-word Novel competition, we also had a spectacular Book Door competition, and a memorable week of Living Books.

Our library reading groups held a bake sale and raised an amazing £145 for charity Book Aid and enabled 72 new books to be bought and sent to street children, refugees and schools across the globe.

Living Books came in to talk to groups of students about their lives, their careers and their interests. Our special guests were:

Tue 3rd March

  • Ruth Wilson, actress





  • Shelley Rudman: Skeleton Bobsleigh silver medallist, world champion, performance fitness and health trainer
  • Elisi Vunipola: Ex Tongan international rugby player, uncle to 2 x England rugby players, coach at Marlborough rugby club
  • Rav Babbra: Innovation lead, automotive team, Innovate UK – developing driverless cars
  • Ben Prater: BBC Wiltshire radio breakfast presenter

Wed 4th March

  • Ranjeet Babbra: Stem cell research, stem cell transplants, research cures for skin and eye cancer, pathologist
  • Ceri Seel: Child actor, Buddhist, teacher
  • Clive Mantle: Actor, author @MantleClive

Thu 5th March

  • Sarah Singleton: Author, Journalist, teacher
  • Anna Friend: theatre director, actor
  • Mark Cooper: Policeman, Teacher, Deputy Mayor Marlborough

Fri 6th March

  • Danny Kruger: MP
  • Lizz Loxam: Executive Editor BBC news, election coverage, politics, fake news
  • Lt Col David Luck: Lead staff officer at MOD, tri service ceremonial events and commemorations team, equestrian sports commentator and broadcaster

Our Book Door competition meant that most doors in the school were decorated for the whole week. Here are just a few:













Read more about World Book Day celebrations at St John#’s here:

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