Parents Evenings


St John’s holds one or two meeting per year for each year group, usually from 16:00 to 19:00. We use an online parents evening booking service School Cloud. Parents can select their own appointment times from any internet connected device.

Parents guide to booking pdf

Parents video guide to bookingIncludes instructions for inviting a second parent to join.
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Year GroupEvent TypeDayDate
Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening In schoolThursday12/10/2023
Year 7 Parents’ EveningIn schoolWednesday15/05/2024
Year 8 Parents’ EveningOnlineThursday1/02/2024
Year 9 Parents’ EveningOnlineWednesday28/02/2024
Year 9 Choices EventIn schoolTuesday20/02/2024
Year 9 Students’ InterviewsIn schoolFriday01/03/2024
Year 9 Options DeadlineWednesday13/03/2024
Year 10 Parents’ Evening 1In schoolThursday11/07/2024
Year 11 Parents’ Evening 1In schoolThursday28/09/2023
Year 11 Parents’ Evening 2OnlineThursday25/01/2024
Year 11 Revision EveningIn schoolWednesday08/11/2023
Year 12 Parents’ EveningOnlineWednesday07/02/2024
Year 13 Parents’ Evening 1OnlineWednesday01/11/2023
Year 13 Parents’ Evening 2OnlineThursday14/03/2024

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Open Evenings

All events will be in school.

Year GroupDayDate
Year 6 Open EveningThursday05/10/2023
Year 6 Transition Information EveningThursday20/06/2024
Year 6 Transition – Uniform FittingMonday24/06/2024
Sixth Form Open EveningThursday16/11/2023