Pupil Premium PP

Pupil Premium Funding – PP

Pupil Premium is additional funding from central Government targeted at those students, for whom social disadvantage could lead to academic underperformance or to disengagement with school. The funding supports us to close the attainment gap between tracked students and their peers. St John’s is situated in the town of Marlborough 13.5% of our students are in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding and 2% entitled to Military Pupil Premium Funding.

Key Aims and Objectives

To narrow the achievement gap for children and young people, including children in care, by ensuring increased opportunities and improved outcomes in-line with the DFE Equal opportunities policy.

FSM Students

To close the disadvantaged attainment gap by providing additional targeted resources for those students who are in low-income families.

Strategies to Achieve Our Aims and Objectives

Our main priority is to ensure outstanding quality teaching throughout the school. This will benefit all students, including those who are in receipt of PP. The primary provision for PP students is via the classroom teacher. Therefore, all staff are:

  • Aware of which students are in receipt of PP
  • Aware of the individual needs of all students, including those in receipt of the PP
  • Are able to request additional support and interventions for PP students where required

In addition, there is a range of targeted support strategies resulting in every student, regardless of their background, being able to:

  • Improve their levels of attainment and progress
  • Close attainment gaps relative to school averages
  • Have full access to our curriculum
  • Access our extra-curricular provision


St John’s spends the majority of its pupil premium funding on additional in-class support, but we also think it is important to offer practical support to students so they are able to enjoy a full range of opportunities.

Additional benefits available to Pupil Premium students are:

  • A free breakfast from the St John’s canteen. Hot chocolate, fruit juice, bacon rolls, sausage rolls, porridge, fresh fruit or toast are available. Grab bags are also available for late arrivals.
  • Students are able to use the St John’s library shop to obtain stationery and revision guides free of charge.
  • After school clubs requiring payment are free to those students who are currently entitled to Free School Meals, or half price when household income is less than £25,000pa.
  • The St John’s Opportunity Fund can subsidise the cost of school trips for students from low income households.
  • A subsidy of 50% is available for compulsory school uniform and compulsory PE kit if students are currently entitled to Free School Meals.
  • St John’s is also able to support the cost of activities outside of school. If students prefer to take part in a group activity, such as a course at Marlborough Leisure Centre, membership of a local sports club, orchestra or cadets, financial support may be available.

The Excalibur Academies Trust Pupil Premium Statement can be found on the Trust website policies page or by clicking the top link under Downloads below.

Funding Summary Information 2023

Academic Year2023-2024
Total Disadvantaged Budget£302 480
Review ProcedureOngoing review of strategies with full termly evaluation and adaptation
Total Number of students1732 (Y7-13)
Number of disadvantaged learners199
Date of next termly evaluationNovember 2024


Key Performance Indicators 2023

Performance of Year 11 2023 FSM6 PPAll
Progress 8 score-0.410.15
Attainment 8 score4.15.2
% Achieving a strong pass English and Maths(9-5)30.657.3
% Achieving a standard pass English and Maths(9-4)44.478.2
% Achieving a standard pass English Baccalaureate3648

Whole Strategy Review Dates for Academic Year 2023-2024

For information about our strategy, please see Pupil Premium Strategy for 20232-2024 under Downloads below. The whole strategy review days for 2023/24 are as follows:

  • 27 January 2024
  • 27 April 2024
  • September 2024