St John’s Uniform 

The St John’s uniform is an essential part of the ethos of the school as it creates a sense of belonging and purpose. It is also important that we have a uniform so that students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and recognise that we value all students alike. Students represent themselves and us outside of the school and are expected to maintain high standards wherever and whenever the uniform is worn, including travelling to and from school.

We expect students to attend school in neat, tidy clothing which is appropriate for the work they will be doing.  We specify that non-logo’d items of clothing should be plain and sensible. We have a number of reasons for adopting our dress code:

  • It enables parents to have the opportunity to choose where they buy the non-logo’d items of clothing.
  • It enables students to have some choice about their clothing while, hopefully, not vying with each other to wear the latest fashion.
  • It avoids staff having to spend valuable time on fruitless arguments with students about the colour or suitability of their clothing.

The following items of clothing can only be purchased on-line from our official uniform/sports kit supplier, School Colours via our ParentPay online shop – see Weblinks below, or the Quick Links button drop-down.

Blazers: St John’s navy blue tailored jacket with school name.

Skirts: St John’s tailored straight or pleated black skirt with logo ONLY. Skirts to be worn at a modest length see policy below.

Jumpers: (Optional) St John’s navy blue V-neck with blue stripe around the neck and logo tab.

Tie: Boys (optional for girls), navy blue with logo stripes.

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy polo shirt

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy Hoody girls – (optional boys)

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy Rugby Shirt boys – (optional girls)

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy Shorts (boys)

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy Skort or Shorts (girls)

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy tracksuit bottoms

Sports Kit: St John’s Navy/Sky Blue Socks

The following items can be purchased from the school wear  (and not fashion range) of only those suppliers who offer a specific school wear range of clothing e.g. Asda, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury, Tesco etc.

Trousers:     Black only in a traditional tailored style, full-length (hem should meet shoes).

Shirts:           White formal school shirt, button to neck with collar suitable for wearing with a tie and either long, short or ¾ length sleeves.

Footwear:    Black shoes.  These should be plain, leather or leather look, hard-wearing and of a sensible style.

Socks:           Navy, black, grey or white socks.

Tights:          Black, navy or neutral.

Shorts:         Black, knee-length, classic tailored shorts during the summer terms only – see guide below.

The school uniform required for years 7-11 with clear guidance of what is and what is not acceptable can be found in the Uniform Policy PDF, found in the Downloads section below.


Care and marking of property

Having provided your child with expensive items of clothing and equipment, please make sure that he/she takes good care of them.
Each item of clothing and property should be clearly and indelibly marked. Unless this is done we cannot help to find lost belongings. Name tapes which are sewn into clothes last longer than adhesive ones.

Make sure that your child realises the importance of thorough searching and quick reporting if any item is lost. Carelessness is responsible for far more loss than dishonesty and sometimes unmarked, quite valuable property (eg a watch), goes unclaimed because no one bothers to ask for it.

Lost Property – all items both named and unnamed, including items of sports kit will be available in the Atrium each Monday and Thursday from 09:30 – 14:30. Unclaimed unnamed items of lost property will be disposed of at the end of the summer term or possibly each term if the storage space available is exceeded. The school can accept no responsibility for property lost on school premises.