Emergency Closure

Emergency closure procedure (Weather related)


Notification of St John’s closure will be passed to local radio (BBC /Heart FM) for announcement


A message notifying the closure and information advising the status of events scheduled on that day (eg. Trips/Exams) will be left on the St John’s answering machine (01672 516156), on Instagram and Twitter @StJohnsMarlb and on the homepage of this website. Both messages will be updated at 15:00 with information for the following day.


An updated message will be left on (01672 516156) and on this website.

Students should check Show My Homework for any work left by subject teachers.

Should an emergency arise during the day, the Principal has the responsibility to decide what action to take and one outcome could be closure.

Guidelines from the Local Authority if this situation arose are:

  • Students in Years 7 & 8 would be sent home to a responsible adult;
  • Students in Years 9-13 could make their own way home and be deemed responsible enough to be home alone;
  • Arrangements would be made with normal transport to take home all students who travel in organised transport.

Please make contingency arrangements for your child/children and with your child/children should the decision be made to close St John’s during the day; particularly if you have a child/children in Year 7 and/or Year 8.

The arrangements should be safe and familiar to your child; and may be the family home or the home of a relative should both parents not be at home during the day.  Please reinforce this arrangement with your child, particularly over the winter months.

During periods of inclement weather, students are expected to wait for 30 minutes for their transport before abandoning their journey to the academy and returning home.

Photos thanks to NSavill, 8 March 2023