Work Experience

Work experience is an important step as students decide on their choices after school. It should be within Wiltshire or the surrounding area. High risk placements may be restricted depending on location, normally 15 miles outside of the school postcode.  Please check with the careers department if you are looking at a placement out of area.  The workplace must have Employer’s liability insurance (and public liability insurance if appropriate).  All parts of the Own Placement Form must be completed and signed by the employer, parent and student before returning.  It is crucial that the contact and insurance details are completed clearly and in full. Forms need to be returned to the Careers Office in F241, not handed in to Tutors.

More information can be found in the Work Experience Guide below, alongside the Own Placement Form.

Work Experience Policy

Y10 Work Experience Guide

Work Experience Letter to Parents

Parent Presentation

Employer's Handbook Online