Philosophy & Religion Curriculum


Aims: The Philosophy & Religion (P&R) curriculum at St Johns is intellectually challenging and personally enriching.  We encourage students to consider beliefs and values, both their own and others, and promote the virtues of respect and empathy, both important in our diverse society.  P&R fosters civilised debate and reasoned argument and helps students to understand the place of religion and belief in the modern world. Students develop their skills as philosophers by exploring important ethical issues, developing their critical thinking skills and ability to dialogue with those who have very different opinions to their own.

Philosophy & Religion Staff

Head of P&R Faculty: Miss D Peskett
Teachers: Mrs D Benson (KSL Y7/Y8), Mr D Evans, Mr H Goad, Mr I Tucker, Mrs R Haig-Williams

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P&R Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Subject Overview

Subject Overview